Find your voice at Harmony Explosion NW!

Dear Harmony Explosion Family,
Due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic, the Harmony Explosion team and directors have come to the consensus that running a physical camp in July is not in the best interest for the health and safety of our community.

However, as participants of this camp for the last 19 years, it breaks our hearts to consider cancelling the camp altogether, which is why we have a plan to run the camp virtually for 2020 .

Virtual Harmony Explosion NW 2020 Enrollment Information:
Sign up online at between March 20th and May 31st, 2020. Upon enrollment, you will receive information that will grant you access to our app, which will have content available starting June 1st. Video Recordings specs and due dates will be detailed in your information packet.

The Virtual Chorus Experience will be $40. This includes:

  • Learning Tracks and Music to 2020 Virtual Chorus Song
  • Virtual Harmony Explosion Chorus Directed by Drew Osterhout and Rachel Pack
    *Participants will need access to audio and video recording devices
  • T-Shirt with HX Logo (mailed to you)
  • Education Classes All Access Pass to at least 8 different classes
  • PVIs & Coaching or Feedback Available
  • Talent Show - ONLINE! (limited participants)

This fee will allow us to both pay for the music & shirt, as well as fundraise for the 2021 camp. (Please let us know if you are experiencing financial hardship, and need assistance!)

Our Camp has been, and always will be, a family, and a touchstone of our year. We invite all youth, all alumni, and all volunteers, regardless of time away, location, or any other barriers, to join us in song - To remind us, that, while we may be in isolation, we are not isolated from our community.

We have had one standing mission for the past 19 years, and we commit to it without fail:
Sing For Life!

With all of our hearts --
Kat Erickson and Jared Blatterman
Co-Directors of Harmony Explosion NW

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Support Student attendance at Harmony Explosion NW!

Donate any amount to the Brookman Memorial Scholarship Fund today!

We are proud to say that we have never turned a student away because of financial need.

This activity is made possible by the Barbershop Harmony Society, underwritten in part by Harmony Foundation International and its generous donors*.