What is Harmony Explosion / Our History

Harmony Explosion Northwest (HX) has gained national recognition as one of the premier camps in the Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS). In addition, we have helped camps get started in the Cardinal District of the BHS (Kentucky and Indiana) and in Finland.

In our sixteen years of operation, we have come to realize that it’s all about the kids.  We're not here to sell barbershop singing to young people, or even to introduce them to barbershop.  We're here to change our student’s lives, and we use barbershop harmony as the vehicle.  This may be accomplished simply by giving the student:

  • The chance to meet other students who have the same interests as them
  • A unique musical experience
  • The chance to gain confidence by singing in front of a large audience
  • The opportunity to work in a team environment and to accomplish a goal
  • The opportunity to be around positive role models
  • The opportunity to gain leadership skills

It's a great experience, but it's also a great responsibility.  We are very proud of the way our students represent us both on and off the risers, and we make sure they know it every chance we get.

In taking this approach, we have seen the program blossom from a low point of 24 students up to as many as 220.  Parents and teachers understand that we’re not trying to push barbershop singing on their kids, and more and more teachers who have witnessed the positive affects of HX are recommending us to their students.  The camp has developed its own culture of family and team, and it has made us realize how lucky we are to be part of it.